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On June 11th, 2016
We celebrated the legendary Dwarf Fortress

This year marks the ten-year anniversary of a game unlike any other. In honor of this achievement, we hosted an event at the fabulous Mox Boarding House in Bellevue, WA.


Thanks to everyone who participated for making this event a big success!
Video and images are on the way.




Migrants have arrived. Meet the authors of strange and exotic tomes and the builders of fabulous fortresses. See some of the amazing artwork created by the community!

Food and Drink

Food & Drink

Generate happy thoughts. Mox has a fully stocked restaurant with yummy appetizers, entrées and enough drinks to keep a dwarven fort running all year. For $20, you can be a part of the catered dinner.



Praise the miners! Free t-shirts, game codes and more. There will be contests or other excuses to give away some cool stuff.

Q and A

Q & A

Let’s discuss your situation. Using IRC and/or live streaming, viewers will have a chance to ask Tarn and Zach about the game during our live Q&A. And if you’re with us at the event, you can meet them in person.



Mox is all about games and we will have access to their excellent collection. You can break out your favorite game during dinner or pick up a new one at any time during the event and try it out!

Future: Live

The Future is Live

Tune in, as veteran Dwarf Fortress interviewer Kyle “Cap’ntastic” takes us through a live “Future of the Fortress”! We’ll find out what is coming up in the next releases of the game and more.

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